Let's introduce ourselves:

Weert, August 2014

We are Bram en Marjo Brugman,

We have Rottweilers since 1985. When our first male Boris was around 1 year old I-Bram-launched IPO training at NRC working group Kempen, then located in the Woods to Steensel. The roadtrip was around 80 km. We trained three times a week, Marjo joined me and took care of the canteen with some other ladies. Soon I was addicted to this IPO training. I was put in the suit and in particular did much knowledge about the "being" of the Rottweiler.

With Boris , we did also a number of successful exhibitions. Spring 1988 our first bitch arrived, Pharaische of the Nedermolen. A super dog: International-, Dutch-and Luxembourg champion of beauty. Training IPO II. With Boris, I brought it to IPO III. I was s certified B-menworker, was the Secretary on the Board of the Kempen and I was an traininginstructor. Our kennel was registered with at the kennelclub in 1990 under the name nouschka van de Ramshoven. Ramshoven is an agricultural area, I had an agreemnet with farmer Wade that I could do tracking with my dogs on his land at all times.

Our first puppies came out of Hertener Wappen Pharaische x Arri's,  born in 1991. From this litter we kept Anouschka van de Ramshoven, a super V-rated dog, got her IPO I with 274 points. Then Immy van der Nedermolen joined us. With four Rottweilers living in a 2 under 1 roof home in the Centre of the village. It was too busy. In 1993 we had the possibility to buy a House with 6000 m2 ground, just outside Weert. A wonderful place for our dogs. Here we have had some successful litters. Our puppies remained not only in the Netherlands but were also sold to Canada, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Mozambique and the United States of America

In 1996 I was asked to be an instructor at NBG Association "De Peel" and I left NRC working group "de Kempen". With the support of Marjo I has been active for about 10 years at NBG"de Peel".  Exhibitions, dog sports and the occasional litter remained for many years our hobby. In mid-2006 we had so much work to do for our business, it was irresponsible to keep breeding, after all a litter puppies require a lot of attention and socializing befor they went to there new owners. Currently -summer 2014- we have 2 adult Rottweilers and 1 puppy. With our femaleVickey van de Runderkraal - HD free, ED free and RST- we hope to breed a litter so we can restart with our hobby.